The accounting department is an integral part of the Management Team, collecting rental income and paying service bills in a timely manner, reporting to our investors, and much more. Throughout your tenancy, you will interact with this department. To assist in your company’s planning, we ask that you remember the following:

Rent Payment Procedures:

  • Inquiries regarding your account may be made to Shannon Terry Patterson, Accountant, at Shannon.terrypatterson@cushwake.com.
  • All payments should be made payable and sent to the following address:

    PO Box 953557
    St. Louis, MO 63195
    Remittance ID: 1011780

    Overnight Lockbox:
    1005 Convention Plaza
    Lockbox 953557
    St. Louis, MO 63101
    Remittance ID: 1011780

  • All checks should be made out to The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. Please include remittance ID: 1011780 on all checks. Checks will not be able to be cashed if the remittance ID is not included on the check.
  • If you would prefer to electronically process this payment, please contact Shannon Terry Patterson, at Shannon.terrypatterson@cushwake.com whom will be happy to assist you in providing specific instructions.

Estimated Operating Expenses & Real Estate Taxes:

  • Each November, after completing our operating plan for the upcoming year, our Accounting Department will forward information to your organization regarding your annual rent to become effective on January 1st of the upcoming year. As we prepare the annual operating plan, we consider the Washington Metropolitan market place and the building’s position within it, the general building conditions, as well as the overall satisfaction of our Tenants. We make every effort to keep expenses as low as possible while maintaining quality building services.
  • Depending upon the terms of your Lease, your rent will be based upon our estimate of your pro rata share of the increases in real estate taxes, operating expenses and/or a predetermined percentage increase amount. For additional information regarding these calculations, please contact Sara Allen at: Sara.Allen@cushwake.com.

Annual Reconciliations:

  • Each March, our Accounting Department forwards information, also known as a settlement, regarding expenses from the previous calendar year and its impact on your rental amount. We put forth every effort to maintain expenses within the year’s budget to avoid any further charges to you. Fortunately, in some cases with these efforts, expenses may be less than expected and you may receive a refund.
  • This settlement will be based upon your pro rata share of the actual increases in real estate taxes and operating expenses for the prior year.
  • It is our objective to minimize annual reconciliations. Our professional staff is very conscientious in trying to provide estimates close to actual expenses. However, our estimates sometimes are too low and may result in an invoice for additional rent. Again, we understand that your organization may be sensitive to unanticipated expenses so we encourage you to contact Sara Allen, at Sara.Allen@cushwake.com if you desire a "best guess" estimate of this settlement for your annual budget preparations.

Other Charges:

  • From time to time you may receive invoices for additional services such as afterhours heating and air conditioning. Assistance in processing these invoices for payment within thirty days is greatly appreciated.
  • If you have any questions regarding an invoice or believe there is an error on an invoice, please contact Property Management.

As you know, there are specifics that are outlined in your lease regarding the financial aspects of your tenancy. We invite you to review these and call any member of our Property Management Team if you have any questions. They will be happy to assist you.

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